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Create FREE graphics at

The Java Boutique

Learn To Be Your Own Webmaster - You want to be in control of your own website and to be able to make changes and improvements without having to depend on somebody else.

There were many times when I needed something done and had to wait for my son to be able to do it.

Now that I can take care of things myself, things get done when they need to get done. Here are some sites to help:

Web Tools


The JavaScript Source

Free JavaScript Archive

Active Server Pages (ASP Scripts)

JavaScript Corral
Many Scripts for Webmasters, Free for noncommercial, Small charge for commercial. Pop-up Windows Scripts and Tutorial.

Java Applet Slide Shows.

A script to create nice menus for your Web site.

How they do That With Html

HTML Tutorials
Basic knowledge of HTML is useful and it's really easy to learn.

Image Transition 2
This script scrolls your images across the screen. Works great as an ad rotator.

Java Script Library

NetMechanic: Power Tools for Your Web Site

Totally free ready to use DHTML and Javascript menu bars.

Make a Table
An online HTML tool to help you make a better table. Besides that, it also have other tools such as FrameMaker and ColorMaker.

HTML guide
Will give you free HTML tutorials on building basic forms using HTML including texts, menus, and buttons

Website Abstraction
Free JavaScripts and tutorials and over 400 free scripts. Categories include javascript clocks, random links, mouse over effects and lots more.

Over 600 free Java and Javascripts to download and use!...

Free JavaScripts provided by The JavaScript Source

Java City 2000
400 java scripts, java applets, DHTML, free center, midi, and other interactive stuff.

This generates javascript code for your pages...very cool

Active Jump HTML Tutorial
This is an HTML tutorial and reference guide to quickly learning and understanding HTML.

Free DHTML, JavaScript and CSS scripts - ready to copy and paste into your Web page.

More scripts available that you can use.......

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