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Drive traffic to your site. In order to create a steady stream of traffic to your website, give your visitors a reason to visit and continue to visit in the future.

You must provide your visitors with fresh content on a continual basis.

Content comes in various forms, such as news, articles, tips, horoscopes, weather, etc. and is freely available on the Internet.

Your content should blend in well with the focus of your website and be updated on a regular basis.

The following websites provide free articles for publication:

Syndicator - Provides free syndicated articles and columns with photographs
isyndicate - Provides free headlines for news, articles, comics, weather and more.
ScreamingMedia - Provides free headlines from various resources

NetMechanic: Power Tools for Your Web Site
Find FREE content to make your website sticky!

Free Format It, for those who write a lot of copy
Tired of having to hit "enter" after each line of your ad copy or articles? Now - in less than a second - Format It will do that tedious job for you... FREE. Simply upload OR paste your UNformatted copy into the online tool (nothing to download), select the characters per line you want, and Format It will instantly give insert hard returns. A huge time saver for those who write a lot of ezine copy or articles that need to be formatted. And it's FREE!

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