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These sites offer free online storage space for your files. You can use this space while traveling, to backup files, transfering files from one location to another, share files with others, ...

Caution: It is not advisable to depend on any single free file storage service. Store your files in at least two places in case one is temporarily or permanently unavailable.

GO Free online storage space is very cool service - you don't need to carry the floppies or hard disk, because you have it on you free internet storage space. Accessible form anywhere, anytime. Great for images, mp3s, photos or any other data backup.

GO The basic free service comes with 50MB/month transfer and a 10MB/file limit; you can easily upgrade to enormous transfer volumes and unlimited file sizes for a small monthly fee.

GO Using My Secure Files, you can store your important files (e.g. Java code, design documents, presentations) securely on our server and access them from anywhere, anytime!

GO CryptoHeaven offers free and premium accounts. Use CryptoHeaven and communicate in total privacy.

GO 10MB of compressed disk space (note: you may be able to store in excess of 50MB of uncompressed data)

GO Back up and/ or share your files online with these virtual disk drives. These services provide plenty amount of space for your files to be accessible via internet.

GO The popular search index Yahoo! now also offer 30 MB free online storage. Access and share files from anywhere.

GO Swift Desk combines the most useful web based tools and makes them accessible in one complete service. Login anywhere to Swift Desk and manage all of your internet based activities in one powerful and intuitive interface.

GO Save your bookmarks and files online. Couldn't be easier than here. Don't answer questions and only give us your email address if you want to. Oh .. and it's free.