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Free online dictionaries, thesaurus, and translator

Embassies of the World
World travelers can put all the world's embassies at their fingertips by making a quick stop at, an easily searchable database of embassies and consulates worldwide. Select a world location from A to Z or search by either Whose Embassy? or In What Location? to go right to the embassy's own web page.

Currency Converter

World's Most Wanted Criminals

Flags of all Countries

Military Information

ClassBuilder Teacher's Toolbox

Start building your family tree.

Need a cool answering machine message?

A FREE quick and easy search tool for the Bible.

Complete works of Shakespeare

Free interactive educational software for kids

Free Digital Postcards
Send free digital postcards to your friends, family, and co-workers.
One of the most customizable greeting card services on the World Wide Web.

Free Email Address Directory

Links to Usefull Sites in Scouting

Toll Free The Internet 800 Directory

How To Directory

Statistical Resources on the Web

Telephone Directories on The Web

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Internet Auction Resource
Internet resource listing for auctions. Here you'll find a directory of auction pages from all over the Net: cars, art, antiques, and government auctions.

Worldwide Aviation Resource
information service for aviation professionals. aircraft sales, aviation jobs, manufacturers, and maintenance.

Retirement Living
Resources for senior living.

Each year in the U.S. alone, the "postal" bulk mail industry consumes over 450 million trees just to make the paper used in sending their advertisements and promotions. Using email instead can significantly reduce this consumption, while at the same time decreasing the billions of tons of paper waste filling our landfills.

Save the trees, save the planet, use email!